Blog • May 10, 2019

Is it asthma? Maybe not...

Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion (PVFM), also known as Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD), is a disorder in which the vocal cords come together when we try to inhale or take air into the lungs. Not being able to breathe when we want to can be a scary thing, and often this gets diagnosed as asthma and inhalers are prescribed to open the airways. Asthma is very different from VCD.

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Blog • October 24, 2018

How Speech-Language Therapy can help people of all ages

Speech-Language Pathologists, or SLPs, work with people who have speech, language, thinking, and swallowing problems. Speech therapy often involves strengthening and retraining the muscle groups involved in speech and swallowing, making the treatment for related conditions rehabilitative.

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Blog • June 2, 2018

Speech Pathologists do more than just work on speech

Speech pathologists work to prevent, evaluate, diagnose, and treat communication and swallowing disorders that may occur in the many different stages of life. Speech therapy includes a wide range of rehabilitation techniques which help people adapt to or regain skills lost due to illness or injury.

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