Roxanne DePaul, PhD-CCC, SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Roxanne is a Speech Language Pathologist at the Whitewater Therapy and Sport Center. Roxanne specializes in neurorehabilitation including aphasia, motor speech disorders (apraxia of speech, dysarthria), cognitive-linguistic impairments and dysphagia. She also works with children to develop their literacy skills as well as adults with acquired literacy impairments.

“I discovered speech-language pathology as a result of my interest in the structure of language, neuroanatomy and helping people communicate. Speech-language pathology is the perfect fusion of applied knowledge about brain, language and communication.”

In her free time Roxanne also enjoys cooking, gardening and yoga.


  • B.A. Speech
  • M.S. Speech Pathology
  • Ph.D. Communicative Disorders


Additional Certifications: 

  • Certificate in Gerontology
  • Orton-Gillingham Trained Tutor


If you have questions, email Roxanne at