Kris Poredos, LMT

Massage Therapist

Kris is a massage therapist, working both at the hospital as well as Fort Atkinson’s Therapy & Sport Center. In 1997, Kris was involved in a car accident which warranted rehabilitation. As unfortunate as this event was, it inspired her to want to be able to offer the same quality of care and compassion to others as she had received during her own rehabilitation journey.

“I love witnessing the amazing healing that takes place through massage therapy and other therapies for each person.”

Number one on Kris’s list is her family, which includes her husband, Randy, and her two Jack Russell Terriers, Jack and Callie. Kris also loves hiking in the woods, biking, and snowshoeing. She loves traveling and cooking using fresh veggies and herbs as well as singing and playing the guitar.


  • UW LaCrosse
  • Lakeside School of Natural Therapeutics


  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist