Our Lymphedema treatment program focuses on post-surgical swelling following any surgery and following breast cancer treatments. We see those who feel their swelling is impeding the healing and functional movement following surgery of a knee, shoulder, arm, hip or other body part. Or those who are at risk of lymphedema, or may have a history of edema/swelling prior to surgical procedures.

Your treatment is provided by Occupational Therapists who are Certified Lymphedema Therapists, internationally certified through the Lymphology Association of North America, certified in the Breast Cancer Rehab and Strength After Breast Cancer (Strength ABC) program.

Strength ABC is offered at our Lake Mills location for individuals wanting to return to an active lifestyle or physical fitness in a safe and guided manner. This program is research based to minimize the risk of developing lymphedema or worsening lymphedema symptoms following breast cancer.  This program will teach you how to safely return to strengthening, stretching and physical fitness in slow yet effective way.  This unique program focuses on cardio, stretching, core strength and weight training.  The trained Occupational Therapist will guide and teach you proper technique while working on a specific fitness plan just for you.