Our Specialties

Whether you’re experiencing joint pain, muscle stiffness, or balance issues – or are recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery, our team of physical therapists can help you recover properly and effectively. Receive your care at one of our convenient locations, so you needn’t travel far from home on your way to recovery. And our Sports Medicine team is here to help prevent sports-related injuries and help condition athletes for performing their best.

Lymphedema Treatment

Our Lymphedema treatment program focuses on post-surgical swelling following any surgery and following breast cancer treatments. We see those who feel their swelling is impeding the healing and functional movement following surgery of a knee, shoulder, arm, hip or other body part. Or those who are at risk of lymphedema, or may have a history of edema/swelling prior to surgical procedures.

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Hand and Arm Care

The goal of the Fort HealthCare hand and arm care program is to provide seamless, efficient, and coordinated care that restores injured hands to the highest possible level of function. The collaborative approach to the evaluation and treatment of hand and upper extremity conditions offers innovative treatment techniques, and proactive, patient-centered care, all in one location.

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Aquatic Therapy

Water provides an environment for healing.
Aquatic therapy is an excellent way to rehabilitate any injury. The unique physical properties of water provide an ideal healing environment for therapy. The buoyancy of water reduces the effect of gravity, allowing you to exercise in more comfort and achieve your rehabilitation goals more quickly by minimizing pain that can sometimes be felt in your joints during exercise.

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