Concussions are a serious matter

Fort HealthCare has a dedicated team of professionals specially-trained in concussion management including SWAY and ImPACT™ testing and interpretation, and coordinating the best care.

A concussion can be a serious problem for athletes who take part in contact sports or recreational activities and for workers with high risk jobs. A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by striking the head on another object or a sudden jarring of the head. It may result in loss of consciousness or confusion, most resolve within 10-14 days. They are also commonly known as mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI).

Concussions can happen to anyone.  The short-term effects of a concussion can generate additional problems or be very dangerous when individuals go back to the game or work before they fully recover from a concussion. Parents should make sure that children wear the right safety gear during all practices and games and that schools have a concussion plan.

Given the unique nature of every concussion, it is important to manage them on an individualized basis. Fort HealthCare has a dedicated team of professionals specially-trained in managing ImPACT™ testing, reading the results, and coordinating the best care plan for individuals who have experienced an MTBI. As members of Fort HealthCare’s Sports Medicine team, this group of health professionals work with area schools’ administration and athletic departments, as well as with local sports organizations and employers.  A step by step return to life and play will be developed by the team



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