Elite Power Hour

Looking to improve your running speed, endurance or technique? Our Elite Power Hour series gives you undivided attention with trained professionals who will focus on helping you reach your performance goals. Whether you are just a beginner looking to get in better shape or an ultra marathon runner working toward a new personal record, our experts are here to help.

What can I expect?

  • The session will start with a brief musculoskeletal evaluation where the clinician will gather information to provide you with injury prevention and performance tips.
  • Class registration includes evaluation with motion analysis software to further breakdown body mechanics and technique.
  • Each participant will receive education and a home exercise program to help you achieve your performance goals.
  • RACE DAY PREP:  Our experts can help provide a personalized training program to prepare you for Race day.

Pricing per Individual:

  • $30     –      Single session
  • $75     –      Series of 3 sessions
  • $120   –      Series of 6 sessions

Meet the experts!


Amie Ramczyk MPT, OCS

Emily Shepley DPT

Emily Shepley DPT, CSCS


Krista O’Dell DPT







For more information, contact Fort HealthCare Therapy & Sport Center at 920-563-4144 or amie.ramczyk@forthc.com

*Please download and complete the documents below prior to your first appointment.

EDGE Program Documents to Download