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With the increase of sports specialization among athletes, taking the time to learn proper technique and body control to prevent injury has never been so important. That is why we have developed our EDGE Performance Training Program. Our goal with this program is not only to improve athletic performance, but also decrease the risk of injury such as ACL rupture, ankle sprains, and lower back pain.

The EDGE program is open to athletes ages 12-20. Each program starts with an individual assessment that looks at your movement patterns, flexibility, and strength. Exercises and activities are then carefully selected to address an athlete’s individual weaknesses. The workout programming is performed by a doctor of physical therapy or licensed athletic trainer and will focus on addressing underlying muscular problems that may predisposed athletes to certain injuries. Training also includes working with athletes to develop proper form during power lifting.

Motion Analysis

Motion analysis is also available to break down movement patterns during sport and improve efficiency, speed and power. Instructors will spend time analyzing technique through video footage and provide corrective exercises to maximize the athlete’s performance. examples of motion analysis include running analysis, throwing analysis, and golf swing analysis.

Program Components

EDGE Performance Training includes evaluation of an athlete’s strengths, weaknesses and injury risk and 12 one-hour sessions, offered per individual or in a group of 2-4 people. Each EDGE participant receives a performance-style T-shirt, power lifting education, and injury prevention skills.


EDGE Program Documents to Download