Blog • February 27, 2019

Direct Access Physical and Occupational Therapy

By Joe Haverkamp, PT, DPT, OCS

The easiest, quickest, and most affordable way to receive care

We’ve all been there – you’ve attempted to lift something that was heavier than you anticipated, slipped on the ice, or maybe you slept awkwardly and now your back is all kinds of spicy. It hurts to roll in bed or even bend over to tie your shoes. Or maybe over the weekend you played an extended game of catch and because you haven’t thrown a ball in a decade your shoulder feels like it might just fall off. You’ve dealt with it for a couple of days and decided that it has gone on long enough – it is finally time to do something about it.

In the past, the way you would seek treatment would be to call your family doctor who would perhaps prescribe a medication and potentially refer you on to pain management, physical/occupational therapy, or orthopedics. This process is lengthy as there is typically a wait time to be seen by your primary care provider and further waits associated with getting in to see the particular specialist you have been referred to.

Now, thanks to Fort Healthcare and their team of Physical and Occupational therapists, lengthy wait times are a thing of the past. Direct Access Physical and Occupational Therapy means that with qualifying healthcare plans an order from a physician is no longer necessary to receive treatment. In the above scenario, our patient that had an onset of pain could call the clinic to verify insurance coverage and typically be seen within 48 hours.

Research has shown that Compared with delayed physical therapy, patients who received early physical therapy had a decreased likelihood of:

  • advanced imaging
  • additional physician visits
  • major surgery
  • opioid medications
  • cost savings per episode of care

Research has also shown that when compared to physician-referred physical therapy, Direct Access episodes of care had:

  • fewer visits (7.6 vs 12.2)
  • less medication use and less imaging
  • cost savings per episode of care

Direct Access Physical and Occupational Therapy can assist with all orthopedic conditions, however governmental insurance (Medicare, Medicaid) is not covered at this time.  Most major commercial insurance plans cover Direct Access, but this will be verified when scheduling your appointment.

So if you are looking to recover in the quickest, most efficient, and most affordable way possible then consider Direct Access Physical or Occupational Therapy today!  Please contact the clinic in your area and get on the road to recovery now.

  • Fort Atkinson Therapy and Sport Center – (920) 563 – 9357
  • Whitewater Therapy and Sport Center – (262) 473 – 5599
  • Lake Mills Therapy and Sport Center – (920) 648 – 8170