Blog • April 6, 2022

What is Occupational Therapy and when do you need it?

Many of us take the daily movements of our bodies' limbs, joints, and muscles for granted, because they help us with movements that we really don’t need to think about. When the ability to coordinate movement to complete a task in daily life is limited or altered due to surgery, injury, or developmental changes, occupational therapy is often required. During the month of April, we focus a little extra attention on occupational therapy professionals and the work that they do.

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Blog • June 28, 2019

Am I at risk for an ACL injury?

An estimated 200,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries occur in the United States each year, making it the most common and disabling condition in sports medicine. Fort HealthCare’s EDGE Program has been focused on reducing the risk of ACL injuries by helping athletes identify areas of vulnerability and by implementing these programs into athletic training sessions and games.

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Blog • May 10, 2019

Is it asthma? Maybe not...

Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion (PVFM), also known as Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD), is a disorder in which the vocal cords come together when we try to inhale or take air into the lungs. Not being able to breathe when we want to can be a scary thing, and often this gets diagnosed as asthma and inhalers are prescribed to open the airways. Asthma is very different from VCD.

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Blog • February 27, 2019

Direct Access Physical and Occupational Therapy

In the past, the way you would seek treatment would be to call your family doctor who would perhaps prescribe a medication and potentially refer you on to pain management, physical/occupational therapy, or orthopedics. This process is lengthy as there is typically a wait time to be seen. Now, through Direct Access scheduling, lengthy wait times are a thing of the past.

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Blog • November 17, 2018

Run Safely This Winter by Amie Ramczyk, MPT

It is that time of year when the temperature begins to drop and the days are shorter. Because of this many people believe it means the morning and evening outdoor runs and walks need to come to an end. This is very far from the truth, in my personal opinion; it is my favorite time of the year to go for morning runs. I find it very relaxing and peaceful to be out there in the dark with not many people around.

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